Why Should You Never Stop Working On Your SEO?

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is perhaps the most important part of the online marketing campaign of a business. A business needs a strong online presence for targeting its online audience. And it is important for a business to get found when searched in search engines with relevant phrases (or keywords). Better rankings of a business on the SERPs will improve its chances of getting noticed, and then, website traffic and conversion rate will also increase.

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Now let us consider a situation where you are a pro when it comes to doing SEO for your business. The design of your website is eye-catching, the write-ups are engaging, and you also have some high-quality inbound links. As a result, almost every top keyword are on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing. So now that you have the desired results, should you stop doing SEO?

The answer of to the question is “Absolutely NO”. You should never even dream of stopping your SEO campaign. Why is it so? Here are some reasons for you:

Reason #1: Your Competitors Will Overtake You


It is true that you are sitting at the top of the ladder. But this does not mean that place is yours permanently. You should always remember that everyone else is eyeing for your spot, and therefore, any slack in your efforts will give your competitors an edge. Even if you stop doing SEO, your competitors will not stop. And if they move on the right track, they will overtake you in the race.

Reason #2: Sudden Drop in Website Traffic

Sudden Drop in Website Traffic

The immediate effect of stopping or decreasing the SEO efforts is a sudden fall in website traffic. Your websites had a massive traffic when you had high search engine visibility. However, no one will bother to enter your website when he/she will not find you in the search results. Moreover, inactive SEO can also lead to malicious attacks where you will have to disavow links from pages, domains and directories to recover.

Reason #3: SEO Never Stops


Search engine algorithms change now and then. As a result, there is nothing fixed in the world of SEO. Once a search engine is out with its new update, you will have to adjust your SEO campaign. And in the quest of producing better and more relevant results, search engines will keep on updating themselves. A stop in your SEO campaign will mean that you do not need to stay updated.

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