Why a Dedicated IP Address is Important for SEO

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Behind every domain name an IP address will act as the genuine address. Domain names can be used as the shortcuts for their complicated IP address counterpart. Instead of remembering a long sequence of numbers like, web users can make use of simple domain name instead (www.websitename.com).


How does the IP address affect search engine rankings?
From a SEO point of view, an IP address will tell the story about where a website is hosted. Websites hosted on dedicated servers will obtain the advantage of having their own dedicated IP address, whereas websites on shared hosting plans will have to share the same IP address hosted on one server with other websites. Shared IP address can lead to a host of potential security threats and search engine discrimination.

Depending on the web hosting provider and shared hosting plan, a website will often share an IP address with thousands of other websites. This will significantly slow down the website. It is widely considered that websites with shared IP addresses will rank lower on search engines than websites with a dedicated IP.

As an advantage the websites hosted on dedicated servers will have is fast loading speed, major search engines will consider a Loading Speed as a significant factor in a website’s value. This advantage also applies when viewing a site from a consumer’s viewpoint. If a website is sharing an IP with hundreds or thousands of other websites, the loading speeds will be considerably slower and the visitor will become irritated and leave, sometimes never coming back.

Disadvantages of shared Hosting:
• If you do share a virtual IP with other sites, it’s important that the IP isn’t full of bad neighbors, even though that’s pretty much out of your control. If the search engines find out you’re next door to a spam site, you will suffer. So, you should be in clean IP blocks whenever possible.
• The other drawback of using a virtual IP is that occasionally, a search engine or a user navigates to your Website by your IP address rather than your URL.
• If you’re on a virtual IP, they may not be able to find your site. Any of the various sites located on that IP could come up; it’d be the luck of the draw.
• And do not forget that shared IPs may mean that your server performance will slow down based on the traffic load of your neighbors.

Use a Dedicated IP Address for Better SEO Results:
IP Address for Better SEO Results
• Your Website can be affected by the bad behavior of other sites, even if you have nothing to do with them. One way to reduce the chances of being spoiled by other sites is to use a dedicated IP address.
• Even before a crisis arises, it’s a good idea to know the IP address of your Web site and monitor it to make sure it remains clean.
• You should use a dedicated IP for your site. Even so, you still need to monitor it to make sure it stays clean because you can also be affected by bad behavior of other IPs within the same C block.

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