Useful Tips for a Logo Designer

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                           A logo is a graphic symbol used by a company, an organization, an individual or any other commercial and non-commercial establishment to get instant public recognition. The logo gets stuck with the company or business it represents and it is perceived as the image of the company and its products. Logo’s are designed using symbols, images and names of the organization.

As this has a long term impact on the company or business, the designing of a Logo must not be taken lightly. These days logos are designed by multi media companies who also help their clients in Brand Design and development.

The necessity of designing a logo should be very clear before we start designing it.

The following should be taken into consideration while designing a logo.


There should be originality in the logo. It should be very distinct from the logo of other companies involved in the same business. Your client will be able to recollect you and your product easily with your logo. Originality also helps in avoiding copyright infringement problems.


The logo design should be creative. Many elements go into the building of your logo and brand. Some companies insist on a certain colour , others a certain font. It all depends on how you want your product and company to be seen in the market.

Market Segment

It is necessary to design a logo which can be related to the market segment we belong to. Logos can have sharp or round edges depending on the market segment. Sharp edges indicates a hi-tech company for its speed and accuracy whereas as round edges indicates service sector. Business-to-Business (B2B) companies must have a blend of both the above. It would not be wise to have a logo totally unrelated to the market segment you belong to.

Keeping it short and simple

The logo design should be minimal. It should be useable in all stationery, media profiles and devices. If there is any text in the logo it should be clearly visible. Chosing the correct color combination for the background and foreground also plays a very vital role. It should be clean and memorable.

Vector format is the better format

A graphic image can be designed in two different ways vector and bitmap. Although bitmap logos  will be attractive it cannot be adapted to all formats as it will loose its clarity on resizing.It is always advisable to go for vector format as it gives lot of  variations and are scalable.


The logo should be practically useable in all sizes. There should be a standardization of colors and fonts and should be adaptable to changing timesand trends.

Say No to photographs

Never include photographs in your logo as it will reduce the longevity of the logo life

Tagline should never be part of logo

Never include a tagline as a part of the logo,  it can be attached with the logo whenever necessary.

Tagline keep changing with change in values and outlook of the company.Including them in the logo might compel us to redesign the entire logo.

With these points in mind it should be possible to design a logo which will stand the test of time.

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