How Google Ranks Websites For Business Related Searches

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Many have a doubt about how Google works. While there is no one answers, knowing what Google likes and looks for is the best bet to launch a website that your customers can find. Wherever you be an Chennai sole trader, such as a builder needing web design, or an Chennai mulit national, when it comes to Google, all web design starts from a level playing field. In this blog post, we explain Google in plain form.


Factor 1 – Domain name
The first obvious factor that Google looks at is the domain name. Second, Google considers the targeted keywords. Every business web design should have a domain name that has relevance to the type of business it is.
Factor 2 – Keywords
There should be targeted keywords which may be names of products, services or the industry and category of products that are being offered. Content needs to be concise, and not a dump of relevant words, to ensure Google ranking.
Factor 3 – Content and Web Design
The optimization of the web design and that of all the content on the website would be taken into account. Following these checks, Google tries to ascertain how unique, original and relevant the information provided on the site is. Subsequently, Google looks at geographic relevance.
Factor 4 – Geographic Location
The geographic relevance is important because people these days search for businesses, products or services that are relevant to the area one is based in. A resident of Sydney wouldn’t look for a roofing company in Perth. Thus, a business web design of a roofing company in Sydney needs to have optimized content to be aimed at residents of Sydney and its suburbs so their searches have the company’s website as one of the topmost search results.
Factor 5 – Google Places
Google also takes into account listings on Google Maps and Places, a company’s presence and dominance on social networks and social media, particularly the profiles that have the business details, classified details and contents or posts on major article directories.
The aforementioned factors are what determine if Google would accord the due significance to a business website and if eventually that site would get a first page ranking on search results pertaining to the keywords used as the search criteria.

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