Do you think the Commercial WordPress Theme is worth the price?

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One of the main reasons why WordPress is very popular as a blogging platform is because of its flexibility and versatility. It can be fully customized to suit your site’s needs perfectly. Nowadays, it is not only used for blogging but also for commercial sites. It has a wide range of resources among them themes that are very vital in the developing of a WordPress site because they offer the template on which the blog or site will be built. The themes are available for free downloading on some sites on the internet. However, they are also made commercially and the theme that you choose depends on your specific site’s needs. Free themes aside, this article focuses on commercial themes, their advantages and disadvantages and whether they are worth the cost.

WordPress Theme is worth the price

As a developer, you are not restricted to using commercial themes. You can go for free ones if they suit your site’s needs perfectly. After all, if you can find a quality and free WordPress theme that you can customize to suit your taste, there is no need to pay for one. If you cannot find something exclusive for your site, you can order a custom made unique WordPress theme from the various developers.

Whatever theme you choose, the most important thing is to choose a reputable source. This is especially true for commercial themes because you do not want to pay for a crappy theme. With the demand for themes increasing steeply, there is no shortage of good quality theme providers as well as people who are just out to make money from you the quality of their work notwithstanding. Some of the common problems encountered are being sold an already existing theme or a dysfunctional theme. On that note, you should ensure that your commercial theme provider is trustworthy and has a return policy and guarantees in place.

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Commercial themes are associated with some advantages over free themes. The cost of WordPress themes could range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousands. No matter the price, they always come with a guarantee depending on the contract between the provider and their client. They also come with support and responsibility on the developer’s side. If there are any errors or bugs, the developer is bound by the contract to fix them. On top of that, you get something exclusive whose rights you own totally albeit at a higher price. Commercial themes provide you the exact exclusivity that you want for your website.


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The biggest disadvantage lies in the price. You could say that commercial themes are quite pricey especially when you want the full rights to an exclusive theme because the developer cannot be able to sell it to other people. Should you opt for a non exclusive one and then customize it, the developer can refuse to accept responsibility for any occurring errors. What’s more, whatever you get commercially may also be achievable by customizing a free theme. It is hard to say whether or not commercial themes are worth the cost but it all depends on your site’s needs and affordability.

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