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Powerful tips to get best SEO optimization

The acronym for Search Engine Optimization is SEO and it is the technique by which blogger use to rank their blogs higher on search engines. Many take the SEO knowledge and the other information from the SEO as granted and they use it for their profession. Many web designing companies in India does the SEO optimization for a better traffic for their website. It is hard to know and understand about the SEO to the new blogger and it takes time to understand the nature of SEO.
Here are few tips to learn and utilize SEO.

It is obvious that the blog which ranks higher in search engines will have more traffic attracted towards it. This makes knowledge of essential SEO very significant.
• Title Link and Text
You must not only have numbers or alphabets in your link ; but you must have some keywords related to the content on that page in your URL.

For eg : You can have the URL as
The above link makes sense than generally having

By just looking at the link the user must be aware of the content they have stored on that page for them. So include your main keywords in your title, but don’t make it spam by including many keywords.
• Keywords
If you want your post to appear on the search engine then the basic thing to be done is to make sure that you put the keywords often on the post. The key words must be skillfully made in such a way that it must not be known to the viewers that it is a keyword. You have to use the keyword at least 6-7 times.
• Image Alt Tag
It is better to add a ALT tag to your images. You get a better traffic from indexed images as well.
• Use Anchor Text
Proper anchor text must be used in the blog. Suppose you have a post about Web Designing Company, use the anchor text, Web Designing Company in any of your posts that link to it. When search engines visit your site and see that anchor text, they follow it, and know your page is about Web Designing Company.
• Interlink Your Pages
Interlinking of pages can do a number of things for you. By interlinking, you are basically selecting keywords in your article and linking them to another page on your blog.

Magento Extensions: Boost Your Ecommerce Store Functionality

An e-commerce strategy that works out well and outranks numerous other strategies is Magento. To make it defined almost 1, 40,000 users get benefited out of Magento for their e-commerce requirements. This strategy is used to create a website and helps us out for transactions connecting to the buying and selling of the product online. These Magento makes a User friendly Shopping cart facility and Safe mode of payment. It also offers with various themes and designs that are attractive. SEO Friendly module by Magento helps to promote your business easily.

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