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Tools to test your Website’s Speed and Performance

We know how important your website is for you. You spend time, money and resources to try and build a great website. These days a successful website is attributed not only because of great content but also because of its usability. A major aspect of usability is the page load time. So important is this aspect that a second delay in the load time of your website could result in a person leaving your website for another one. But how do you go about benchmarking your website? How can you find ways to significantly improve you page speed?

Websites Speed and Performance

To find answers for these questions, we went through a large list of online tools that can be used to test your website’s speed and performance. Here is our list of the top 5 tools:



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4 Little Known Facts about Code Igniter Development

Code Igniter is yet another brilliant inclusion to the otherwise extensive list of PHP frameworks. It is young, quick, and supports the fundamentals of rapid application development. However, the development community and the enterprises looking for efficient web application development still remains to be unsure about the multifaceted features of this development skeletal structure. Here in this write up, we intend to discuss 4 little known facts about this brilliant technology for developing web applications. Please read ahead to know more: