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What mistakes to avoid when designing logos

Regrettably, with today’s globe brand patterns are now being underrated, because so many people do not realize the best way essential any brand is actually along with precisely how it could possibly promote the actual success of a corporation. The following are a few recommendations on problems it is best to avoid any time dealing with logos, if you need your online business to build up in to a profitable venture.

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Do you think the Commercial WordPress Theme is worth the price?

One of the main reasons why WordPress is very popular as a blogging platform is because of its flexibility and versatility. It can be fully customized to suit your site’s needs perfectly. Nowadays, it is not only used for blogging but also for commercial sites. It has a wide range of resources among them themes that are very vital in the developing of a WordPress site because they offer the template on which the blog or site will be built. The themes are available for free downloading on some sites on the internet. However, they are also made commercially and the theme that you choose depends on your specific site’s needs. Free themes aside, this article focuses on commercial themes, their advantages and disadvantages and whether they are worth the cost.

WordPress Theme is worth the price


5 Qualities to Become a Great Web Designer

A great web designer is one who is not only good in his work, but who also lives and breathes his art. The world of creativity is in reality a specific lifestyle, in which this tribe of artists resides. But this doesn’t mean that great artists are born; they can also be made – chiseled like a piece of art by a sculptor. Like other professions, it needs dedication, learning, work ethics and an aspiration improve with each new project. In this article, we’ll look at some of the key factors that go into the making of a great designer.

2014 Web Design Trends

The beginning of new year is always an exciting time for businesses to look ahead and wonder what the forthcoming year will bring. There are many changes in 2014, particularly for people who work in web design and technology.

There came lots of new trends in 2013, some of them begun to fade out and others stuck around and are still going strong. 2014 has just started, so just take a look at some of the emerging web trends that we expect to see in this year.

1.      Flat design: Flat design was one of the biggest emerging trends in 2013 and it is going powerful in the year 2014. For instance, companies like Apple and Taco Bell are discarding skeumorphism in favor of flat design by stripping their graphics of any design element that is not 100% purposeful in product function.



Tools to test your Website’s Speed and Performance

We know how important your website is for you. You spend time, money and resources to try and build a great website. These days a successful website is attributed not only because of great content but also because of its usability. A major aspect of usability is the page load time. So important is this aspect that a second delay in the load time of your website could result in a person leaving your website for another one. But how do you go about benchmarking your website? How can you find ways to significantly improve you page speed?

Websites Speed and Performance

To find answers for these questions, we went through a large list of online tools that can be used to test your website’s speed and performance. Here is our list of the top 5 tools: