An Easy Guide to planning and designing a Profitable Website

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Your website says where exactly your business exists– it acts like head office of your online company. So it is very important to follow best web design ethics to grasp the maximum number of online visitors.

Make use of simple navigation paths

Your website menus navigation should be organized and crisp so that your online visitors are able to navigate through your website without any blunder or confusion.

Try to reduce the number of images used in the website

Although it is a fact that graphics make your website look more and more eye-catching, there are however many web users who are in a hurry. So always remember to keep the file size of your graphics used on your website to the minimum possible limit. Large sized images make your website load very slowly and in addition to that may often lead to just an excess usage of bandwidth.

If you think that graphics are surely necessary on your website, then you can start optimizing them by making use of an image editing program that will help you in keeping  the size of your file to the minimum. There are also many free online services that may help you in this issue.

Present your website content short and sweet

Work on to keep your website text paragraphs at a very reasonable length. There is a big difference between reading online and reading off line print media. Thus this experience differs a lot. If you are unable to reduce the length of a paragraph, you can split it into smaller parts, so that the text modules will be considerably easier to read.

Use a normal proportion of white space between your website text paragraphs. So that it may give the reader’s eyes some sort of rest, and keeps your online readers alert.  Do not make your font either too large or too small, because it may look odd and online visitors will have problem in reading your website content.

Build your website as a best cross-browser compatible website

If your website looks good in Mozilla Firefox but looks horrible in Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator or Opera, then you will surely drop out on a lot of potential online visitors. Therefore, constantly examine how your website appears in different web browsers. It’s always great to have all the popular and commonly used web browsers installed on your own computer, instead of depending on online services. You can even make use of the W3C Validator –which may help you in making your website compatible in all web browsers.

Don’t encourage the use of scripting languages on your website

Avoid making use of scripting languages to create many visual effects, instead use scripting languages to manipulate and operate data on your website. This is because scripts are usually not supported among all the web browsers, so some online visitors may miss very important information because of their web browser clatters.

Right usage of website templates

Now-a-days Website templates are very reasonably priced and save a lot of stress and are trouble free when you start to create a new website layout. This is the reason why many start using a website template… mainly to save effort and time. You can design very quickly, just by changing the website title, adding on some more new graphics, entering your keywords and correct and suitable details and then your website will be ready.

Also be clear that you don’t use too much of popular website templates because if many people start using the same website template, then your website may not appear so unique and your website may even lose its priority on the online path.

The last but not the least thing is to give your website a standard look, just like your next-door competitor.

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