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Effective ways to receive Traffic from LinkedIn

One of the main backbones to a successful blog online and it helps to drive quality traffic to your blog. The main indisputable fact behind every successful blog online is t the quality traffic that is received from any source.  Before your blog earning can actually make sense, your blog traffic must be convincing. There are some of the reasonable ways to drive quality traffic from the social media sites like facebook, LinkedIn and twitter.

Effective ways to receive Traffic from LinkedI


Automatic Share Blog Posts on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus

If you are equipped with many websites with a numerous social media profiles it can be a daunting one to handle all the social sites with various updates. So it is necessary to get automatically updated and upload the blog posts to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus once published. Here are the ways by which you can do it.

Automatic Share Blog Posts on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus


How to make blog template attractive?

One of the new and best ways to customize the look of your blog is by using Blogger Template Designer. There are lots of templates, images, colors, and column layouts to make your blog an expression of you. To get a gorgeous template just click on the drop-down menu of the gray Post List icon, and select Template. You will have the option there too choose and customize your template.

How To Change Blogger Template (more…)

Basic requirement for best blogging experience

For a best blogging experience you have to mainly depend on the Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Without correct blog optimization, we can’t even know to get outstanding traffic from search engines. From past couple of days, I am getting too much demand of newbie bloggers to share some On-Page SEO Tips.

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Free SEO vs Paid SEM

There are lots of ways to drive traffic for a website. The main 2 important ways are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). These both marketing techniques are similar and they both revolve around the keywords.

Here are few tips to learn how to use them successfully. For this we have to first know what the categories that get into SEO are and what goes into SEM category.