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Key Features of an E-Commerce Platform

For serious online retailer the options of ecommerce platforms can be irresistible. There are many open source platforms also. The following list will describe various major features of an ecommerce platform to make your best choice.ecommerce


1. Customizable themes:

First thing to attract more visitors your website theme should speak for you. So, first thing you have to check for the customizable themes or templates. Having admin control you can integrate other online features such as blog or user forum which directs more visitors to your website.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Responsive Web Design

responsive webdesign

These days, it is becoming ever more essential for website designs to be made responsive, because this will let users to view the website on all type of devices without any troubles. But do you know the advantages and disadvantages of building website with such feature?


Which is the Best ecommerce platform in 2013?

A Person who is planning to start an ecommerce websites business will definitely come across the following question which is the best platform to build my website?


Here is the list of some leading ecommerce Platforms. Select the best ecommerce platform for your business Website.


Why a Dedicated IP Address is Important for SEO

Behind every domain name an IP address will act as the genuine address. Domain names can be used as the shortcuts for their complicated IP address counterpart. Instead of remembering a long sequence of numbers like, web users can make use of simple domain name instead (

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Why Outsource SEO?

SEO becomes popular among people today, the reason behind is Most of the businesses have their online presence today. Bust businesses just now entering to the online world have to face many problems such as whether to hire an SEO team or to outsource SEO. Both of them have equal pros and cons.

In Recent Days, Outsourcing SEO is becoming Popular Trend in the Online Business World.