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Responsive Website Design

Nowadays web designers are in the need of designing a websites based on the view ports of several devices, as users are visiting your websites from an increasing array of browsers and devices.

Have your website design ready for this?  How do your designs will adapt?

Responsive Website Design is your solution

responsive design


Custom Website Design Vs Website Templates

Today in Online Business to create a professional image you must need a website to convey your nature of business, products, and services. Now a website can be designed in two ways: one is custom website design and the other is making use of website templates.

Most of them have no clear idea about Website Templates and Custom web designs. The Main objective of this article is to guide the people to decide whether they need to go with website templates or custom website designing.

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Common Mistakes in Website Design

Designing a website can be scary but the factual challenge lies in building it usable. The problem is most of the web designers fail to remember that the website was not created for them but to work out the users’ requirements. They give originality priority over usability and realism.

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Why Google Authorship is Important


Google Authorship is an approval given by Google to make a confirmed connection between a person’s unique web content and their Google+ profile.



Latest SEO Updates 2013

From the existence of search engines, SEO also never fail to live alongside with its new updates. It is possible that Google updates will continue in the unchanged direction for 2013 also, and so meticulous agencies must start their work to fulfill the new standards. This involves expanding websites into social media and other forms of marketing along with enhancing the quality and content of websites.

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